​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are an integral part of the BVSD community. We appreciate your desire to work with us to achieve greater service for all of the communities we serve.

    Volunteering at Jamestown (BVSD)
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Jamestown Elementary. We look forward to working with you.

    Option 1: CBI One-Time Background Check

    Complete as soon as possible because processing can take a few weeks!
    The Boulder Valley School District is continuing to require our volunteers to have background screenings. We are excited they are providing the new option of doing background checks through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This is the best way to complete your background check because this will allow you to complete it once, and it will be good for all of the years that you are associated with BVSD. You will not need to complete it each year as you must with Option 2. It can take CBI up to twelve weeks to complete the processing so we encourage you to try and complete this process as soon as possible. Please follow this procedure:

    Step 1

    A convenient location to get fingerprints taken is at the Boulder County Sheriff Office at 5600 Flatiron Pkwy in Boulder, 303.441.3600. They are open Monday through Friday 11 am to 4:30 pm. For Boulder County Residents, it is $10.00 per card, and for non-Boulder County residents it is $15.00 per card. The fingerprinting cards will be available there. It is CASH OR CHECK ONLY. Please check with Beth if you need a scholarship.

    Step 2

    When you complete your fingerprints, please take your fingerprinting card, a completed Volunteer Background Screening CBI/Fingerprint Information Sheet and a check for $39.50 made out to Boulder Valley School District to the Education Center at 6500 East Arapahoe in Boulder and drop it off at the Office of Legal Counsel. Please make a copy of your Volunteer Background Screening CBI/Fingerprint Information Sheet and give it to the office so we will know that you have completed your application process. 

    Option 2: TCLogiq Every Year Background Check

    This background check is only good for one school year!
    The cost of the background screen is $17.00 or $23.50 if driving students plus applicable state fees. 
    Click here to complete: www.tclogiq.com/bvsdv/ 

    Should you have any questions/concerns about the TCLogiq background screening call TClogiQ directly at 1-877-825-6447​​



    https://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteerhttps://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteer{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}<p><strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;">Volunteers make up a very important part of the BVSD community. </strong></p><p><strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;">We appreciate your desire to work with us. <strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;"> </strong></strong></p><p><strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;"><strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;">You help us provide better service to our students.</strong></strong></p><p><strong style="color:#006984;font-family:"segoe ui", tahoma;font-size:17.3333px;">Thank you!</strong><br></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontSize-3">All our volunteers are required to fill out the BVSD Volunteer Application and have a valid background check.</span></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontSize-3">For information on our new digital applications please visit our volunteer website: <br></span></p><p><a href="http://www.bvsd.org/volunteer/Pages/default.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.bvsd.org/volunteer/Pages/default.aspx</span></a><br></p>

     Volunteer Forms



    5_Volunteer Coach Agreement 2016-17https://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteer/Documents/5_Volunteer Coach Agreement 2016-17.pdf5_Volunteer Coach Agreement 2016-17
    1_New BVSD Volunteer Applicationhttps://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteer/Documents/1_New BVSD Volunteer Application.pdf1_New BVSD Volunteer Application
    2_BVSD Volunteer Paper Application Checklisthttps://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteer/Documents/2_BVSD Volunteer Paper Application Checklist.pdf2_BVSD Volunteer Paper Application Checklist
    1_Nueva información sobre la Solicitud de Voluntarios en BVSDhttps://contenthub.bvsd.org/volunteer/Documents/1_Nueva información sobre la Solicitud de Voluntarios en BVSD.pdf1_Nueva información sobre la Solicitud de Voluntarios en BVSD