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School Mission Statement:  

The mission of our multi-age community school is to nurture and challenge each child to achieve their fullest potential and to become creative, responsible and contributing world citizens. 


Walk through the doors of Jamestown Elementary school and you instantly know it's a special place. Tucked up onto the mountainside of an old mining town, the halls of this school resonate with laughter from the many years of love and learning exchanged here. It’s a place where teachers have given of themselves freely, teaching their students through gentle encouragement and solid example.
The result is that their students are ignited with the flames of wonder, curiosity, and a desire to make the world a better place. Whether they are reading a book in the library, bent over a desk deep in thought, eating lunch with their friends, playing group games in the gym or soaking up fresh mountain air on the playground, Jamestown Elementary kids share in the experience of being nurtured with love, secure in the knowledge that someone they know and respect believes in them and their future.​​

Arrival and Dismissal: 

On-time, consistent attendance is critical and important so children feel as though they are an important part of the school community. Week-long vacations, too many tardies, skipping Fridays and other absences not due to illness are strongly discouraged. Children are encouraged to arrive at school about fifteen minutes prior to our 8:00am starting time. There is adult supervision beginning at 7:45am daily. Children will line up at 8:00am.  Fifteen minutes outside the classroom to visit with friends and disconnect from family gives each child a sense of well-being and of not being rushed.

If your child is tardy or absent, let the office know at 303-449-7051 before 8:30 am. 

Have your child see Beth in the school office before going to class.

School ends at 2:30pm each day. We do not provide supervision for children after school. Parents are welcome to come into the school to pick up children. Prompt pick-up is appreciated.

If you chose to stay with your child after school, it is imperative that you supervise in a manner consistent with school rules and expectations. After school, no student should be in the building unless they are with an adult. Students on the playground need to follow the same rules as during recess; for example, children must use respectful language, no climbing on walls, and no wrestling.

If you have any questions please call 720-561-6020.