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"A Little School with a Big Heart!"

hands lined up making a heart

We like to say that we're a little school with a big heart!

How little? To start with, the town of Jamestown is home to just 275 residents. Local children make up about half of our enrollment. Our maximum school capacity is just 25 students.
Jamestown Elementary has two multi-aged classrooms. Kindergarten, first grade and second grade share one classroom, while third, fourth and fifth grade share another. Often, the two classes come together for shared learning, school pride assemblies and "buddy reading".
Our facility also has a half-court gym, a beautiful library and an amazing combination art room, lunchroom and school office.
The school building was renovated over the summer of 2020 and has never looked better. We have all new doors and windows, furnaces, floors and finishes, as well as a new ventilation system. To top that off, all new furniture was delivered, including everything from tables and chairs to soft seating and a new kitchen facility. 

We think of ourselves more as a family, than an institution. We take care of one other. Families help other families with childcare, teachers stay late to help struggling students, and we all participate in PTO and school fundraisers to continually make Jamestown a better place for kids!

How Is Our School Unique?

Walk through the doors of Jamestown Elementary school and you instantly know it's a special place. Tucked up onto the mountainside of an old mining town, the halls of this school resonate with laughter from the many years of love and learning exchanged here. It’s a place where teachers have given of themselves freely, teaching their students through gentle encouragement and solid example.

The result is that their students are ignited with the flames of wonder, curiosity, and a desire to make the world a better place. Whether they are reading a book in the library, bent over a desk deep in thought, eating lunch with their friends, playing group games in the gym or soaking up fresh mountain air on the playground, Jamestown Elementary kids share in the experience of being nurtured with love, secure in the knowledge that someone they know and respect believes in them and their future.​​